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Owners Responsibility

Be a Responsible Dog Owner

Desex your dog. More desexed dogs mean less unwanted dogs. Unless you are a registered dog breeder, there is no reason to keep your dog undesexed. Also undesexed dogs are more prone to cancer in their testicles and ovaries. Desexing does not take away your dogs "manhood", or make them into "sloths" or take away their "personality".

Vaccinate your dog and keep them up to date. Diseases like parvo are greatly reduced with more dogs vaccinated. You vaccinate your children, so vaccinate your family dog.

Worm your dog regularly. Worms can be transferred to humans, especially children. There are so many products on the market now which worm numerous worms together. Talk to your vet.

Microchip your dog. Microchipping is with your dog for life. Pounds, vets, shelters, and RSPCA will scan a dog for microchipping and you are more likely to get your dog back if he is microchipped.

There are known cases where a microchipped animal has been returned to its owner up to 8 years later. But when you move, change the details also with the Animal Register your dog is microchipped with.

Have a collar and tag on your dog. It is much easier to phone the phone number on the tag should you find a lost dog and return the dog immediately without having to go through the local pound. The pound would also appreciate it.

Train your dog. Your dog will be much happier with basic training, sit, stay, heel, drop etc. You don't need to make a monkey out of your dog, just basic training. Toilet training is always a bonus. No one wants puddles in the house. But you need to train your dog to go outside to the toilet. Desexing a male will also reduce him spraying the entire property. There are various puppy and dog training schools around. See the link to Annette.

Walk and exercise your dog. A happy dog is a socialised dog. (Do not take your dog out until he is fully vaccinated). Always have your dog on a leash unless you are in a leash free area. AND PLEASE pick up your dog "faeces" in a bag and dispose of them. DO NOT leave them for someone to walk in.

Two dogs in a back yard are less likely to be bored and lonely, but not everyone wants two dogs. If you have one dog and a second dog is not an option, remember that your dog will need more to entertain him. He will need to be socialised more, whether it with you or another dog. So having one dog in a backyard all day while the family is at work with nothing to do….expect your yard dug up, him barking at the neighbours and all furniture chewed on. Dogs need company of some kind.

Be aware that children can upset the dog. Dogs need space and children should be told to leave a dog alone if he is in his bed or kennel as it is his time out and space. Be aware that small children don't understand this and even the nicest, friendliest and most placid dog can bite if a child annoys him or accidently hurts him. You also don't want the child hurt either.

Always provide fresh water and especially in hot weather check it isn't left in the sun to get hot. Have more than one water bowl so if one gets knocked over there is another. More than one water bowl also stops a dog dominating it over another dog. A nice treat for your dog is an old ice cream container filled up with water, frozen with some sardines frozen in it. This can provide hours of entertainment, with nice cold water and a tasty treat of sardine at the end.

Entertain your dog at home.

The ice cream container filled with water and frozen sardines.
Kongs (bought at any pet store and department stores).
Old plant container. Cut a hole in the bottom and put a rope through it. Smear peanut butter, or cream cheese around the inside and hang the plant container from a tree.
Dogs love to lick the old margarine containers with the bits of margarine you can't get out with a knife.
Old coke/frizzy drink bottles. They crickle and crackle and makes lots of noise which will entertain the dog.
There are various toys on the market that say 'hehehehehe', they can't be destroyed, but do provide wonderful fun for the dog until they do get destroyed.
Soccer balls are great for the bigger dogs.

For more information please contact Tania by or by phone at (07) 4121 6534.