Fraser Coast Dog Rescue

Becoming a Foster Carer

At Fraser Coast Dog Rescue we take enormous care in selecting the homes used for 'fostering' our dogs. Because so many of these animals have been seriously mistreated in their former homes, we are very strict about the requirements necessary to foster them.

Our criteria for consideration of foster carers is listed below. Fostering is a very rewarding experience and you meet lots of new people and learn so much. The hardest part of caring for these dogs is having to give them up.

If you are a forward thinking person who knows that you would be the safe haven needed to join these special pets to a loving and forever home, we hope you will consider volunteering as a foster carer.

Most important ...You are saving a life!

• You must be over 18 years old.

• You must take care in choosing suitable dogs that fit with your lifestyle for fostering and potential adoption.

• You must treat the dog as a member of the family and comply with current Council Legislation and RSPCA Standards.

• You must seek appropriate veterinary care when the Foster Dog is injured or sick.

• You must ensure that the dog always wears a collar and identification tag.

• You must take care when choosing suitable homes for the foster dog's new life.

• You must be honest about the Foster Dog when people ask questions and do not give false information.

• You must have a fully fenced yard that the foster dog can not escape from.

• You must have your own dogs and pets fully vaccinated.

For more information please contact Tania by or by phone at (07) 4121 6534.